We have decided to arrange the 14th of International Feed Congress and Exhibition TUYEM, which has been organized biannually by our Association since April-1992, in Bafra Region of Cyprus (TRNC) between 19-22 April 2020.

In TUYEM which has become the unique meeting point for feed industry, we will discuss commercial and technological developments regarding feed industry, problems and solutions of our industry by coming together with local and foreign participants including feed industry service providers, representatives from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and other related Ministries, members of NGOs and academicians as well as feed millers.

Our feed industry, which has ranked 7th in the world and 1st in the EU, is followed closely and has an attractive position for investors throughout the world, with its rising growth trend.

Our country constitutes a very important potential for the future of feed, feed materials and feed additives trade. Demand for increasing the per capita consumption of animal products in Turkey and close position of our country to the Middle East, Caucasia, Turkic Republics and Northern Africa markets are considered as the most important factors of development of our feed industry.

The contribution of TUYEM organizations, where all related parties come together to exchange ideas and improve their commercial relations, should not be ignored in the mentioned developments in terms of improvement of our feed industry. Therefore, it is important for this organization to be adopted and supported by you for the development of our industry.

Limak Deluxe Hotel, Cyprus (TRNC)'s most beautiful hotel in Bafra where is the natural wonder region of Cyprus (TRNC), has been preferred for TUYEM 14 in order to provide a comfortably spacious accommodation and to create a suitable social environment for more than 1000 participants who are expected to participate in the organization.

On behalf of the organization committee, we invite you to our traditional event where all sector stakeholders attend in with their families and we’d like to state that we will be very pleased to be with you in this event.

Best Regards,

President of TURKIYEMBIR